Outdoor Lighting

for Auckland Homes

Astrum Lighting is experienced in providing quality outdoor lighting solutions throughout Auckland.

We work with landscapers and electricians to put together a personalised, well- integrated lighting system for your space. All our designs are tailored to the project’s aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

Techniques in Outdoor Lighting

We offer a wide range of outdoor lighting options, such as grazing, shadowing, silhouetting and flooding. These techniques add drama to outdoor settings and create a unique and spectacular atmosphere.
  • Grazing

    The grazing technique is ideal for highlighting stonework and other interesting textures. It adds depth and dimension and produces a subtle, ambient light. Grazing is best achieved with a wide-angle floodlight with low wattage.

  • Shadowing

    Shadowing aims to project the shape of a feature, such as a sculpture, a fountain or a tree, onto a surface behind it. Through the use of upward lighting, the technique provides a dramatic larger-than- life effect.

  • Silhouetting

    Similar to shadowing, silhouetting is achieved by placing a spotlight behind an object and aiming it toward an adjacent wall. We can use smooth or light-coloured surfaces to achieve a strong, sharply defined silhouette.

  • Flooding

    A basic element of landscape lighting, floodlighting is used to cast a wide beam and provide a wash of light that highlights and adds warmth to any architectural feature.

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