Exterior Copper Lights

Copper outdoor lights - The time tested corrosion resistance

Copper outdoor lights are the proven classic that will last for decades to come. Copper up down lights look stunning on stone and brick walls. Copper has long been the favourite when it comes to landscape lighting. Corrosion resistance and the timeless classic look are responsive to the environment that copper lights are in. All copper lights start off as shiny brand new copper and all end up with the different patina finish. Brown, red, green - it all happens depending on the environment and is always exciting. Despite copper being the classic material (think Copper Age) you will now find all the latest lighting technology now packed into copper light fittings. From halogen garden lights and copper bunker lights to ultra-efficient dedicated LED light fittings and light fittings using a time tested MR16 lamp technology.LED replacement lamps for exterior fittings are an excellent way to save on energy and replacement times. 

Please note that the options we have displayed on our website are only a tiny portion of the massive range available through us 

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