Copper outdoor LED Up Down light Mariner II EX112 2BCO Dedicated LED

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  • Solid Machined Copper
  • Copper LED up down light designed as LED fitting from the ground up.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Halcyon Lighting


Copper outdoor LED Up Down light.

Copper outdoor LED Up Down pillar lights are the perfect match of time-tested classic and the lastest lighting tech. Copper is an ideal metal for coastal environments and is not afraid of sea spray. Later on the copper and brass will patina, depending on the environment and the oxide layer will protect them for decades to come.

Halcyon Lighting combined the classic material and timeless exterior light design with the latest lighting technology. As the result, we have this Copper outdoor Up Down light Mariner II, or EX112 2BCO as they code it.  Two extra warm white 2700k LEDs produce strong but soft and pleasant to the eyes light. Good quality reflector ensures that the light output is maximised and the light goes exactly where it is pointed.

Dedicated LED light fitting – Designed for LED technology from the ground up.

  • Machined Copper
  • Indoor or outdoor applications.
  • Built in LED.
  • Surface Mount
  • Built-in driver
  • Dimmable
  • Fixed Up Down
  • Fixed beam angle 45°
  • Use with existing mains power outdoor lighting systems



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