LED Tester

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LED Testing Tool — An essential tool for safe installation of any LED between 2-37V

Once LEDs are installed but prior to driver connection, use the LED LED Tester features Tester to ensure all connections have been made correctly during installation. If a faulty connection is present, the LED tester will identify this faulty connection and save the LED from failure, plus your subsequent time and replacement costs.

It is also a great fault diagnostic tool to determine whether a LED not working is due to a faulty Driver or a faulty Luminaire. This is a very useful tool for use in the workshop and in customers’ homes to identify a fault and identify the correct replacement component

LED Indicator:

GREEN       =     Test Ok

RED            =    Short Circuit (<1.5V)

Flash RED   =   Open Circuit (>37V)

Flash RED-GREEN = Replace Battery

The LED Tester is powered by 3 x AAA batteries, which provides approximately 50 hours of use.

LED Tester features

  • Testing for Reverse connections
  • Testing for Short circuits
  • Testing for Open circuits
  • Auto-off when not in use
  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries