Marker-Lightz Friction Fit LED Deck Light

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A discrete marker light for driveways, pathways, retaining walls or borders of patios and decks. Marker-Lightz improve safety and security, and their soft red, green, blue or white glow enhance landscape environments.

Ten Marker-Lightz running 10hrs per night, every night will cost less than 25c (at 23c/kWh) to run for the year!

  • INDOOR or OUTDOOR use – ideal marker lighting for pathways, driveways, retaining walls or the borders of patios and decks, or for use as night lights.
  • Constant voltage inbuilt driver – requires 12VDC input ordered separately.
  • Available in Red, Green, Blue or White.
  • Use spike accessory to place mini-lightz around the garden, pathway or driveway.


Power Supply

Marker-lightz require a power supply with 12VDC output.
• Ordered separately
• Please refer online for cable size requirements (voltage drop)
1-680 lights in parallel = Q4-12V-20W (IP20 rated power supply)
1-1200 lights in parallel = Q2-12V-36W (IP67 rated power supply)

how to specify accessories

Spike (20 x 200mm) for SL231

SLSPK-B = Black Anodise Aluminium
SLSPK-N = Natural Anodise Aluminium,
SLSPK-C = Copper
SLSPK-SS = 316 Stainless Steel