Mini-Lightz Spring Mount

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Whether lighting a deck, garden path or bed, stairs, handrails or artwork; at only 1W and ø20mm the Mini-Lightz are tiny but mighty. This little unit puts out a nice, warm bright light – inside or outside.

Applications for this product are limited only by your imagination!

The original Mini-Lightz relied on friction fit into timber, as the popularity for this product grew and it found itself being used inside and installed into jib we needed to come up with a solution to assist with this installation. The Sl211 was born. With the addition of a spring and incorporating the washer we now have the perfect soft lighting for bathrooms and other areas inside the house.

  • Ideal for both indoor and out door use.
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE Ideal pathway lighting, garden lighting, recess into soffits, mount into handrails, garden beds,recessed into decking, balustrades or place it inside the house to illuminate hallways, stairways and cabinets.
  • One driver will power up to 8 units wired in series.