Mini-LIGHTZ Friction Fit

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At only 1W and ø20mm the Mini-LIGHTZ are tiny but mighty. This little unit puts out a nice, warm bright light.  Applications for this product are only limited by your imagination.

A 1W light running 10hrs per night, every night will cost less than $1 to run for the year!

  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE Ideal pathway lighting, garden lighting, recess into soffits, mount into handrails, garden beds,recessed into decking, balustrades or place it inside the house to illuminate hallways, stairways and cabinets.
  • Multiple LED can be run off one driver. Standard L05020 driver will run up to 8x mini
  • Friction fit into timber. Requires ø16mm hole
  • Use spike accessory to place mini-lightz around the garden, pathway or driveway.