ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories

Our fans come up to 84 inches in diameter!

From two-blade Aeratron to biggest ceiling fans measuring 84 inches in diameter.

Ceiling Fans, Controllers and Accessories

Ceiling fans will not only cool you down but will add something extra to your space.

Ceiling Fans with Easy Fit Blades.

This relatively new development makes assembling your ceiling fan quick and easy, which greatly reduces installation costs. Electrician no longer has to bolt individual blades on to the fan, but rather snap them into place with a little catch. No tools required for this part.

Ceiling Fans with LED lights.

Gone are the days of ceiling fans having unsightly three spots with GU10 halogen bulbs, like the one pictured on the right.Old Ceiling Fan with halogen GU10 bulbs Those bulbs did not last long because of the vibration the fans produced, were glary and hot. The last thing you want on a hot evening is the extra heat from three halogen lamps. These days many ceiling fans come with LED lights already attached or available as an option. The fact that the ceiling fan comes with an LED light built in means that there will be no bulbs to replace in near future.

DC Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans with DC (Direct Current) motors became more popular recently. DC motors make ceiling fans more energy efficient, which means more air movement for your dollar. 32 Watt DC motor replaces 50W AC motor in a fan. The fan has all the components built in and will not require installation different to that of normal AC ceiling fan. A direct replacement from older style fan is easy.

Advantages of DC motors in ceiling fans:

  • Higher starting torque. Your fan will start quicker and will reach the desired speed sooner.
  • Reversible. You can change the direction of rotation without getting on the ladder (or a chair) to reverse the fan. You can do it by pressing a button on your ceiling fan remote controller.
  • Faster stopping. DC motor driven ceiling fans can stop and change direction with a press of a single button. 
  • Quieter operation.
  • Reduced electromagnetic interference.
  • Precise control. Up to 6-speed control on some of the models. 

Extra Large Ceiling Fans

Our ceiling fan sizes range from 48" to 84". That's right, up to 84 inches in diameter. Eighty-four-inch diameter fans. That is over 2 metres in diameter, or about as wide as queen size bed is long. These larger ceiling fans are commercial models and available to order. The bigger the blades, the more air movement.

Ceiling Fan Remote Controllers

Ceiling fan is not complete without a remote on your bedside. We have a variety of remotes, controls and gadgets available, including smartphone app-controlled Bluetooth controller.