Retrofit LED Downlights

Retrofit LED Downlights are a popular upgrade to older lighting systems

Do you have old style recessed downlights and want to find LED downlights to replace them with? Don't know which of the hundreds of LED downlights on the market are suitable? We have the answers. Older residential recessed downlights are most likely incandescent technology, which is becoming difficult to buy replacements for. For example, many 1990's builds contain (apart from untreated timber) incandescent downlights such as Halcyon R600 series. Halcyon R600 was an extremely successful model installed throughout New Zealand, owing to it's ease of installation, the wide range of options and high quality. However, all good things come to an end and R600 series is nearing 30-year mark. The technology, trends and regulations moved on, the parts and replacements are becoming hard to find. You will find most of old Halcyon R-series incandescent downlights in Halcyon Lighting Catalogue 2011. Thankfully, Halcyon Lighting came up with a perfect replacement for their R600 series of downlights. The new replacement series is also named R600. The all-new LED R600 comes with white surround and with Warm White 3,000k and Cool White 4,000k LEDs and covers 125-135mm cutout. Just like all other good downlights in it’s class R600 is suitable for use in bathrooms, thanks to IP44 rating. Generally we have a selection of go-to LED downlights that we commonly use for retrofitting. What makes retrofit LED downlight so special? Nothing. It is an LED downlight of suitable dimensions, which just happens to perfectly fit the hole in the ceiling and cover paint marks left from old recessed downlight. Other offerings on the market suitable for upgrading older downlights with 125mm cutout are:

  • DL403 (118-135mm cutout) from Prolux
  • SL56 (122-135mm cutout) from Switch Lighting

Talk to us about your requirements for retrofitting LED downlights.

We have hundreds of LED downlights to choose from and we are confident that we will find several to suit your requirements.