Adjustable LED spot light Bardi from Lightmakers.

Adjustable LED spot light Bardi from Lightmakers Ltd. Bardi LED Wall Spot is a unique spotlight made from machined aluminium. According to Lightmakers, this spotlight is produced by the same factory that makes the popular Gandino LED pendant light. Instantly we have high expectations of this LED light fitting.

LED spotlight Bardi in it’s box

Unboxing new LED reading light / spot light

Let’s get on with the job.

Bardi LED spot comes in a reasonably plain no-frills box. There is not much point in paying extra for packaging which will be thrown away anyway.

The textured white powder coat finish is of top-notch quality, as expected.

The LED driver is set into a sturdy aluminium base  

The LED spotlight mounts onto pressed steel back plate using two grub screws. Lucky for us, Lightmakers included a small Allen key with Bardi. We do not need to know the exact size of grub screw and Allen key required, we will use the tool provided.

The Base

Back plate of adjustable LED spotlight Bardi

Bardi adjustable spot light base internals

Bardi adjustable LED spotlight sits on a well-made metal base. There is ample space to hide the cable. Extra room in the base means the installation will be easier. The LED driver only takes up half of the base space, which is also quite nice to work with.

LED Driver K14-12C-250

Bardi Adjustable LED spotlight comes with LED driver built into base. The driver is a Constant Current, 250mA, 10 Watt driver. K14-12C-250 is a generic LED driver.  We are pleased to know that our supplier carries spares, should they be required. We have discussed Constant Current LED drivers in our previous post.

LED light source


It’s alive! Always nice to have lights working the first time you press the switch.

Bardi LED wall spot has 9 Watt 3,000 kelvin Warm White COB LED outputting 850 Lumen of light, which is considerably brighter than standard MR16 halogen lamp RJLS 50W/12/WFL/GU5.3. 



Standard dichroic 50W



Compare the two:

  • Halogen MR16 lamp: 50Watts power consumption, 650 Lumen, 2950k (13 Lumen per Watt)
  • Bardi LED spot light: 10 Watts power consumption, 850 Lumen, 3,000k (85 Lumens per Watt)

LED Spot light Bardi dimensions:

W: 110 mm
H: 180 mm
Projection: 70 mm

Slightly wider than typical halogen GU10 spotlight, Bardi will cover old paint marks and damaged plasterboard should you choose to upgrade your existing lights to LED.  It is always a pleasant bonus when there is no additional wall patching and plastering required.


LED Reading Light by the bed

Sharp cut off and focused beam provide easy reading light without interrupting the partner. LED reading lights became popular over the years because of the low heat they produce, which makes them safer.

LED spot light on the ceiling.

Directional lighting to illuminate features and artworks on or against the walls. The advantages of using LED technology to illuminate artworks is that there is virtually no heat produced by the LED light source and no ultraviolet. Your artworks will be safe.

Come see it in Auckland

Astrum Lighting showroom is conveniently located at 35B Constellation Drive, Albany. Take Upper Harbour Drive offramp to Mairangi Bay / East Coast Bays. We are in the heart of North Shore. No appointment is required.

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