Dimmable LED Driver 12v 20W PSHLA-12V-20W Task Lighting

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Dimmable 12Volt DC LED Driver can be used to power 12v LED striplights, Dimmable LED MR16 and LED G4 lamps.
Additinally, this driver is useful for conversion of older halogen pendant lights to LED. Good choice for custom-made LED light fittings and LED strip light jobs.
Large primary terminals allow easy daisy-chaining with TPS cable.

This 20 Watt driver will run approximately  just under two metres of LED strip light (based on average LED strip light’s power consumption of 9.6W/m).

Call us to discuss your requirements for LED lighting plus necessary controls.

Additional information


180-240VAC 50-60Hz, 0.11Amps

Max. Output


Output Voltage


Output Current


Power factor (λ)


Dimming Range :

5%-100% with min 70% load


L107 x W41 x H22

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