LED Flexible strip light Daylight 9.6W/m

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120 Daylight LEDs per metre.

  • 6000 kelvin daylight colour temperature.
  • 9.6 Watt/metre.
  • 3M self-adhesive backing.
  • 10 millimeters wide.
  • 120 surface mounted Epistar 3528 LED chips per metre.
  • Cut flexible circuit board every 25 mm.
  • Requires 12 volt DC power supply / LED driver.

LED ribbon is easily customisable by cutting it to required length every 25 millimetres. Self-adhesive non-conductive backing allows installation almost on any surface. LED strip lighting is commonly used in cabinet making and lighting wardrobes, but other uses include decorative, automotive, marine, lighting camper vans, workshops above work benches and so on. Simply stick it on to any clean surface.
The advantages of LED ribbon over other forms of strip lighting are it’s physical flexibility, the ability to cut the required length for your custom application, power efficiency, reliability, low operating temperature, safety and ease of replacement. Further, this product is ideal for off-grid solar 12 volt systems as well, as it has a fairly high degree of tolerance around 12 volt DC mark.
Use LED strip lighting inside aluminium channel to protect the ribbon and help dissipate heat, prolonging the life of LEDs.