D-LIGHTZ and E-LIGHTZ mini Adapter Plates

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This adapter plate is designed to allow the following products to be retrofitted in place of an old style recessed luminaire:

  • D-Lightz Tilt
  • D-Lightz LG
  • E-Lightz mini
  • E-Lightz mini low power

The outside diameter of this adapter plate is either Ø130mm or Ø155mm, therefore you will be able to install any of the above products with the adapter plate into approx a 100-140mm cutout.

Simply remove the entire old light fitting and install the product complete with adapter plate. Once installed you are then able to pack insulation completely around the product.

The E-Lightz mini and D-Lightz products all share the same trim profile allowing them to be used in the same lighting scheme.



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Ø 130 mm

Ø 155 mm


Ø 100 mm – Ø 115mm

Ø 100 mm – Ø 140mm